Social Networks Convention – SoCon09

It seems like online social networks like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter are the new hot thing these days. Whether or not you participate in them, you can be sure that the younger generations are. This raises some important questions:

  • How do these new media change marketing? How will their growth affect the effectiveness of traditional sales and marketing strategies? What strategies are most effective for promoting your products among social network users?
  • How do social networks affect business strategies? Where do they represent new opportunities, and where do they present new competitive challenges?

So I was intrigued to attend the recent SoCon09 Social Networking Conference at Kennesaw State University, earlier this month. I met some very interesting folks and heard a lot about how social networks are changing traditional media, advertising, marketing and brand-building. There’s a lot going on, and some of it is going to change the world in ways you might not expect:

If you aren’t thinking about how to incorporate these new networks in your sales and marketing efforts, you should be. For more thoughts and commentary, see my EarthquakeSurfer blog.