What You Can Learn From Startups

It seems like startups are everywhere these days, doesn’t it? A lot of startup companies are achieving amazinig successes. Ever wonder how they do that? There’s a lot that everyone can learn.

Berlin Startup Tour

The key tool is the “Lean Startup” framework. The essence is to find a product that someone will pay for, as soon as possible. The process is:

  • As quickly as possible, build a prototype of what you think your target customers would pay for.
  • Try it out with customers. Measure what happens. See whether customers will pay for your product.
  • Ask for feedback:
    • If customers won’t pay for it, why not? What’s wrong with it?
    • If they would pay for it, what would make it even better?
  • Refine your product concept and repeat

There’s a lot more detail than this, of course. Eric Reis’s excellent book, The Lean Startup is full of great detail and examples.

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